Unique rooms

Every room has its own story

At Slipens Hotell, you won’t stay in an ordinary room. You’ll stay in a space created in tribute to one of the many memorable characters who, like us, made this rocky island on the edge of the ocean their home.

Slipens Hotell - Mångsysslare Lindgren
Slipens Hotell - Kommendörkapten Johnsson
Slipens Hotell - Elmästare Berntsson
Slipens Hotell - Grönsakshandlare Ödman
Slipens Hotell - Sjöbjörnen Karlsson
Slipens Hotell - Superkämpen Efraimsson
Slipens Hotell - Sander på Färja
Slipens Hotell - Roddmästarinnan Andersson
Slipens Hotell - Kommunpamp Julsén
Slipens Hotell - Mästersmed Pettersson
Slipens Hotell - Dynamitarden Pålsson
Slipens Hotell - Mästerfiskare Svensson


A space to relax, socialise, have a coffee or a drink before dinner.

Free access for all hotel guests.

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A place for stories – old and new

Welcome to your room. Make yourself comfortable on the bed, read what we’ve written about the person who inspired it and allow yourself to lose yourself in their story.

The story