Council Bigwig Julsén

Council Bigwig Julsén

Anders Julius Julsén 1893-1975

A lifelong resident of Skaftö, Anders Julius Julsén was born at Fossa, near Rågårdsvik, and later moved to Grönskult farm. He served as a local councillor for 40 years.

In 1952, when the smaller communities of Skaftö, Grundsund, Fiskebäckskil, Bokenäs and Dragsmark were combined to form a larger council, Julsén was appointed chairman. He was a man with many irons in the fire, whose name appears in countless records, due to his frequent, and often successful, debates.

Julsén was particularly prolific during the war, when he headed up the council’s crisis group. As usual, he got involved in every aspect of the work. Together with his wife, Ellen, he was even in charge of distributing everyone’s rationing coupons, which they kept in a locked leather bag.

Anders Julius Julsén died in 1975 but his memory, as one of our country’s most active politicians, lives on. In this room, you’ll find his old leather bag. The coupons may well be long gone but there’s no need to worry: we’re known for being generous with both food and drink rations.

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  • 23 sqm
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  • Iron
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Carpe Diem 210 cm wide bed. Patio facing north. Bathrobe and slippers for a pleasant stay

Price: from 2.595:- SEK


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