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Food is tradition, memories, culture and enjoyment

It’s only natural that our menus have a strong focus on fish and seafood. The restaurant do, after all, sit right on the edge of the sea. We like to put a modern spin on dishes and have been known to borrow techniques and influences from other cuisines but our cooking is firmly rooted in the traditional home cooking of western Sweden and the ingredients are local.


There’s something special about coastal villages. In the past, these were tough places to live and that’s had a big impact on our culture. Jonas’ grandmother Blenda was a real iron lady. With four children and a husband who worked at sea for months on end, she had to take care most things herself. Wives, elders and children supported each other, creating a tradition of care between neighbours that lives on to this day.

It’s hard to put your finger on what it is that sets these places apart but it’s definitely got something to do with that sense of close-knit community. We look out for each other and, when anyone falls on hard times, everyone pitches in to help.

Children were always welcome in our grandmothers’ kitchens and it was in their pots and pans that the flavours that still define our restaurants’ menus were born.


For us, the seasons are strongly linked to available ingredients. From mussels in summer, through the first lobsters of autumn and oysters at candlelit tables in winter, to spring, when the mackerel returns to our coast and everything starts over again.

Chefs who come here to work all think it’s cool that we’re so close to our ingredients. That we collect our prawns straight off Atlantic, the local trawler, or that our fisherman, Manfjärd, will bring fresh lumpfish roe straight into the kitchen. It’s nice to be reminded that this is a luxury few other restaurants get to enjoy.


Food, to us, is so much more than nourishment. It’s tradition, memories, culture and enjoyment.

Good food with strong local ties is central to everything we do. It’s also the result of many people’s efforts. The fishermen, of course – without them, we wouldn’t be able to serve the seafood we all love – but also our chefs, front of house staff and pot wash crew, whose efforts don’t always get the appreciation they deserve. We respect them all enormously.

Finally, a shout-out to you, our guests. Watching you enjoy the experience we create together is what keeps us all going.

We hope you keep coming back!

Reine & Jonas


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